“You don’t feel your usual peachy self”

That is how my sister-in-law described being on chemotherapy – not ill but not your usual peachy self. She had a different regime to me with weekly doses then a gap and then the same cycle again (more a Matterhorn than my Ben Nevis to use my earlier analogy). At one time there was just a pretty standard dose for all cancers but now it is fine-tuned to the cancer, where it’s at and to the patient. The dose is calculated on the individual’s surface area (estimated from height and weight)! Continue reading ““You don’t feel your usual peachy self””


I once ran in the same race as Zola Budd

This weekend it is the London Marathon and a good friend is running trying to finish before his 70th Birthday (in June). He is running for the Salvation Army – all is explained in his Charity page. When the London Marathon first started it was such a great event that even I thought that I should have a go – oh the foolishness of youth! Continue reading “I once ran in the same race as Zola Budd”

So you want to know what my chemo session is like?

Three weeks on from my first chemo session and it’s time for Round 2. Visiting a hospital is a bit like being on the tube in London – you are surrounded by people who don’t talk but you can study them and try to guess what they are doing. Going in to Wycombe Hospital the first impression is “Oh dear, these people look ill”. Going in to the CCHU at SMH (sorry Cancer Care and Haematology Unit at Stoke Mandeville Hospital – home of the Paralympics) the impression is a little different – you know that everyone is a cancer patient or their partner or friend, but you have no idea  what form of cancer or what their prognosis is. Initially I assumed that every male had prostate cancer but soon got over that misconception. Continue reading “So you want to know what my chemo session is like?”

Plain English? – never heard of it!

Last week I did my “Secretary-at-a-distance” duties for two of the committees I have taken a sabbatical from. This involved sending out the minutes that another member of the committee had written and writing and sending out a Newsletter. Kept me busy for a day or two (stuffing envelopes takes too long – it is much easier to click ‘Send’ on an e-mail, but despite my best efforts about half the Newsletter recipients are still snail-mail).

Continue reading “Plain English? – never heard of it!”

Why do wombats do cube shaped poos?

Now that is a question you don’t get every day! So having caught your eye I will give you a quick catch-up. Last Friday I saw my GP for an update and she showed me the results of Monday’s blood test. I thought that they couldn’t have been a cause for any concern because I had heard no more from CCHU. Continue reading “Why do wombats do cube shaped poos?”

Holding on to Little Dribbling

There is a haze of bluebells in the woods – just starting to burst forth but it will be a week or two before we see them in their full glory – and hopefully I have got a week off from needles etc. so I thought I would talk about something else. I have mentioned a couple of books in this blog so I decided to tell you a bit about them. One was by Bill Bryson who is one of my favourite authors and the other by Jo Gambi. Continue reading “Holding on to Little Dribbling”