Another day, another needle

After the exploits of the weekend I was rung by a nurse from CCHU on Monday morning to check how I was doing. I had an appointment there with my consultant that afternoon and when I arrived I was ushered straight into an office where my pulse, blood pressure and temperature were taken. We had taken our thermometer in with us and checked my temperature with that as well and concluded that our thermometer was not totally consistent and reliable – cue purchase of a new thermometer. (That doesn’t mean that I didn’t have an unacceptable temperature on Saturday evening, nor that I wasn’t impersonating a beetroot). Then a couple more vials were filled with my blood which was sent off to the lab. If there are any problems I will get a ‘phone call and if I had shown any signs of being unwell I would have been sent straight back to hospital. They are certainly taking my wellbeing seriously, thank you CCHU.

Got a text this evening saying that my 5 year old granddaughter had made me some donuts and that she was very insistent that I should have them! Well done her.

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