Why do wombats do cube shaped poos?

Now that is a question you don’t get every day! So having caught your eye I will give you a quick catch-up. Last Friday I saw my GP for an update and she showed me the results of Monday’s blood test. I thought that they couldn’t have been a cause for any concern because I had heard no more from CCHU. In the 37 hours from 2am Sunday a week ago (when my neutrophil reading was 0.0) to 3pm on the following Monday my neutrophil level had increased to 0.4. The target level is 1.7 to 7.5, so heading in the right direction but some way to go. If that rate of progress continued they should be over 2.5 by now. Today I had a further blood test and a triptorelin top up. If the blood test shows an acceptable level of white blood cells then it is ‘go’ for chemo on Thursday. The triptorelin is the three-monthly hormone injection to reduce testosterone which the cancer feeds on. It seems to be working because my “Bryson issue” seems to have faded into obscurity.

Have I noticed any other side effects yet? Well for a while water tasted a bit milky (at least that is the best way I can describe it) but taste buds otherwise are working OK – let’s see what happens after Thursday. The other side effect is that instead of having at most a couple of pound coins in my purse I now have half a dozen so that I am always ready to feed the hospital parking meters.

Oh, and I have been allowed back into the shed. After my expedition to A&E etc. I was banned from the shed for a week, but with help from my brother-in-law and his wife we cleared quite a lot of stuff out making it much more useable. Thanks b.i.l. and co.


Now back to the a question few people  ask; in fact most people don’t even know that wombats poo cubically. I certainly didn’t until I saw the headline. It is clearly a headline to catch the eye. The answer to the question is down to their long and slow (14 day) digestive process but it also has the benefit that the poo, which is important for marking territory and so avoiding conflict, doesn’t roll off the ledges and hillsides where it is placed. If you want to know more the full article is on the Australian Geographic website.

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