The best laid plans . . . .

At this point in my last chemo cycle I was in Ward 5 at SMH having been admitted the night before with a temperature and rigor (the shakes – and definitely not of the milk kind). So this time I have made even greater efforts to keep clear of potential sources of infection but as I approach my immunosuppressed period Liz and I both go down with colds. Snuffles and sneezes all round. I have a word with CCHU who say keep a close eye on my temperature and that I can take Day Nurse (other remedies are available) or whatever if required.

Yesterday we needed some shopping so went over to Bradmoor Farm thinking it would be less crowded than Tescos. Well it would have been except that they have an Artists and Makers Fair on. Still we quickly got what we want, tried to avoid people (look out – baby in buggy approaching, must be an epicentre of infection)  and departed. Hopefully no harm done.

In it now day 10 after chemo so my white blood cells should be creeping out from behind the sofa ready to do their job. I have also stopped sneezing and snuffling (Liz has had it worse than me). I have a suspicion that my beard is thinning out although it is difficult to tell – I had cut it very short so as to let the sun break through the undergrowth and reach my skin.

It is May Day and I  gather that in Oxford there were “only” 25,000 people listening to the choir sing Hymnus Eucharisticus from Magdalen College’s Great Tower at 6am this morning to greet the day.  I think that is quite a few more than when I last went about 50 years ago! This year I was still tucked up in bed (although I had listened to the dawn chorus earlier).


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