“Everybody dies. But not everybody lives.”

This is just a short post as I approach my third of six chemo sessions (a minor milestone). The quote above comes from an American Surgeon and was quoted in an article Cancer Survivors Celebrate Their Cancerversary published in the  New York Times a few years ago. It was drawn to my attention by San Diego Dan and makes an interesting read. The full quote from the surgeon who was talking to one of his cancer patients was  “Everybody dies,” he said. “But not everybody lives. I want you to live.”  I wonder if he includes tidying the garage, six trips to the dump and a couple to charity shops in that. Decluttering can be very cathartic and opens doors (and I don’t just mean the spare one hidden behind the clutter). Amazing how stuff builds up over 30 or 40 years – anyone want some 78rpm records?

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