Missing cake and nearly familiar faces

Can you have your cake and eat it?

The other night Liz gave me a slice of cake and I took a bite. When I went to take a second bite I couldn’t find it. This troubled me – had I finished it without noticing? Had I imagined her giving me a slice of cake? I wasn’t going to get too excited about the missing or imaginary cake, but it was strange. Next day I went to the cake tin and found a slice of cake with a bite taken out of it. Mystery solved – I thought I might have dozed for a second or two between taking a bite and looking to take a second one in a cake that wasn’t there but it was a serious doze and Liz had taken the cake into safekeeping.

I don’t know whether it is the side-effect of the steroids or chemo but I am finding that I do doze off at times and on the other hand if I wake up at 4, 5 or 6 in the morning I can’t get back to sleep. Mind you for years I used to find if I was watching the 10 o’clock News on TV that there was nothing between the headlines and the weather half an hour later. So nothing new, but probably more exaggerated than it used to be.

When “How are you?” really means “Who are you?

How and who are two little words which are anagrams of each other but in one case one really means the other.  Do you ever bump into someone at the shops  who is familiar but you can’t quite place? It may be that you are seeing them out of context or it may be that you haven’t seen them for a long time. So you greet them with “How are you?” but really what you mean is “Who are you?”. Of course the traditional response to the question is “Fine” and any other response will be ignored.

Then you either part company knowing that you have done your duty in not ignoring them (but none the wiser) or you stop for a tentative chat. You are continually looking for clues – were their children at school with mine? did they used to commute with me? and so on. If you are lucky you will have worked out who they are by the time you finish talking. If not you wonder whether when they walk off if they are asking the same question – “Who was that?

Sometimes they are more helpful and actually spot the bemused look on your face and say who they are – after all people do change. Normally when I collect a take-away I am greeted by name but last night when I went in to collect one I was greeted with “I didn’t recognise you” pointing at my hair. OK so I had had it cut shorter than normal before I started chemo but it hasn’t grown since then and is a bit thinner than it was (as is my beard). Once I spoke I was greeted with the usual warm welcome.

At other times “I didn’t recognise you with your clothes on” is the appropriate response. Of course it means that you have taken a moment to recognise someone you are used to seeing in uniform when you see then in everyday clothes (so the response really means “I didn’t recognise you without your uniform on”).

Life would be so much easier if everyone wore a name badge or had the same name. When I was a student apprentice the foreman of the fitting shop called everyone John. It made his life easy but made ours more difficult – is he talking to me or the guy next to me?

If this resonates with you why not click ‘Like’ otherwise I will think it is just me!

Oh well we muddle on.

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3 thoughts on “Missing cake and nearly familiar faces

  1. I remember Other Alan at Seeleys calling me Missy every time he saw me , and eventually I corrected him. He said he called all women Missy because he couldn’t remember names !


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