Numbers, numbers, numbers

I am going to break the habit of many weeks and post nearly two days running. Today I will bore you with statistics! However to make it a little more interesting I will include a few graphs.  I am going to cover our friends on our way to the top of Scotland (without EU passports) and their and my blogs, my latest numbers which I got at chemo 5 and finally some referendum that has caused quite a bit of a storm on Facebook. Apparently now the result is known everyone (well that is a bit of an exaggeration) is googling the EU to find out what it is/was. Continue reading “Numbers, numbers, numbers”


In, Out and Shake it all about

The significant events tomorrow are Chemo 5 and a referendum. Not sure which is more important except that for me without the former (and the hormone therapy etc.)  the latter might be irrelevant. But it will be important for my children and grandchildren. Continue reading “In, Out and Shake it all about”

Musings on the blogosphere

Musings on the blogosphere

Before I started this blog I knew little about blogging. I had followed a couple of travel blogs from friends and occasionally  had picked up a blog from a link in Facebook or elsewhere, but otherwise I tended to avoid blogs. Now I find I am following several!  My own writings had often had fairly controlled readership (even to the extent of being limited to named individuals in some cases) unlike blogs where you have no idea who might read them. The closest I had come to uncontrolled readership was posting photographs on Flickr where I have received comments and ‘likes/faves’ from friends and strangers alike. Continue reading “Musings on the blogosphere”

Running and Cycling (not me I hasten to add)

This week we had a most enjoyable lunch with a friend to celebrate his 70th birthday. I had told you about him in “I once ran in the same race as Zola Budd” – he was running the London Marathon to raise money for the Salvation Army and I am delighted to tell you that he exceeded his target of raising £4,000. In the same post I also mentioned that my son and daughter-in-law also run, but shorter distances with obstacles. Tomorrow they tackle the WOLF Run – nothing to do with being chased by large lupines but a 10k run through Woods Obstacles Lakes and Fields. Continue reading “Running and Cycling (not me I hasten to add)”