Steady as she goes

Another minor milestone – my fourth chemo session, only two to go. When I had my blood taken on Tuesday the nurse said that the lab ignored handwritten information on the blood test form because “you wouldn’t believe what some patients add to the form” which presumably is why they didn’t check my PSA last time. The nurse reprinted the form with PSA typed in.  I mentioned this when I got to CCHU and they said they hadn’t had this problem, but when they gave me the form this time (along with this week’s stock of steroids) PSA was typed not handwritten. I got the results of the blood test while I was being prepared for chemo (cannula in and saline run through the drip) – platelets, haemoglobin and white blood cells the highest for years, within or heading towards the normal range. PSA and neutrophils on the chart below.

stats to end May

So these indicators look good (to unqualified me at least, PSA lower the better and neutrophils should be between 1.7 and 7.5) – next consultation with my Oncologist in a month’s time.

See the links below for the previous post – and the next one when I have written it.

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