Running and Cycling (not me I hasten to add)

This week we had a most enjoyable lunch with a friend to celebrate his 70th birthday. I had told you about him in “I once ran in the same race as Zola Budd” – he was running the London Marathon to raise money for the Salvation Army and I am delighted to tell you that he exceeded his target of raising £4,000. In the same post I also mentioned that my son and daughter-in-law also run, but shorter distances with obstacles. Tomorrow they tackle the WOLF Run – nothing to do with being chased by large lupines but a 10k run through Woods Obstacles Lakes and Fields. However they do run as a pack and one of their pack (RB) has set up a charity page to raise money for an all-terrain wheelchair for a boy at our granddaughters’ school who has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

As RB says on his charity page “young Callum Smith is like any other 9 year old boy, full of fun, life and adventure. He has such a cheeky and extremely loveable nature that you cannot help but fall in love with. Callum’s passion is for outdoor sports, he attends all cub scout camps and literally throws himself in to all of the activities. He has fought against the need for a wheelchair for some time but eventually everyday things that we take for granted have become too much for him. The wheelchair that Callum currently uses provides basic support for general day to day living. It is our intention to raise £15,000 to provide Callum with an all-terrain wheelchair that will enable him to not only use daily but to continue with his passion for the outdoors.

Even before he starts the run RB has exceeded his target and I believe that along with other fundraising that has gone on they are well on the way to getting Callum his all-terrain wheelchair.

When I last did a sponsored run, well walk with a little jog near the end, you got people to sign up and went round and collected the money after you had completed the task (and if you had failed to complete it you probably wouldn’t dare ask for your sponsorship money, unless you were sponsored by the mile, which was quite common. So if you only did half the distance you would get half the sponsorship. However when one son was moving from Cubs to Scouts he did a sponsored walk and I thought he would do the Cub distance but he did the Scout distance so we had to stump up more than expected!).  These days sponsorship is done on-line so your virtual cash has disappeared as soon as you sign up. Could you ask for a refund if they don’t complete the course?  No idea, but would you? Well no, not if it is for a cause you  believe in. For the runner it does provide them with encouragement to keep going (or so I am told).

This week I also had a call from a friend who has been following my blog – he had set up a blog and wanted a bit of help. So I popped round and went through a few things but couldn’t get to the bottom of a couple of issues. He is using a different WordPress theme (the way the blog looks) so I decided that I would set up a blog with the same theme and was then able to sort out the rest of his issues. I have put a couple of entries on my second blog but whether I add any more only time will tell.  His blog is  going to follow the adventures of 4 friends as they cycle from Land’s End to John O’ Groats  (or LEJOG, although I think it should be LE-JO’G)  to raise awareness and funds for the charity Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. It is very readable – so far! Hope it still is after 900 miles, or will it be reduced to “We cycled again today. Can’t walk. Lots of blooming hills up here“.


My friend is in the support team and will be driving ahead to the next campsite every day, setting up camp and then cycling back to meet the two who are doing the whole route so as to give them encouragement for the last part of the day’s route. I just hope that they both follow the same roads in the opposite direction and don’t miss each other! Even if they do manage to be on the same road there could still be a problem if they find themselves on a dual carriageway with trees down the middle. He has already set off towards Land’s End  (the place at the end of Cornwall not the clothing retailer based in Dodgeville USA)  and they head off from there on Monday.  They too have already exceeded their target before they start but I think they set it far too low – all that effort must be worth more than £100 a man.

Incidentally I only discovered there is a place called Dodgeville when I was checking whether there was an apostrophe in Land’s End. And finally I should mention that the Rotary Club of Princes Risborough is organising  sponsored Family Fun Cycle rides over the Fathers’ Day Weekend, (18th and 19th June 2016), to raise funds for Prostate Cancer UK should anybody be feeling mildly energetic. Unfortunately my bike is broken.




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