More musings

In my last post I mentioned the change in emphasis in the tagline. I didn’t mention the blog title where I have been deliberately vague with “Tim’s pc journey” – what does pc stand for? However changing the order here (to “PC Tim’s Journey”) would seriously change the meaning and have me impersonating a Police Constable!

Apart from Police Constable what does pc mean to people? There is ‘politically correct’ (which I have never been accused of being), ‘personal computer’ (fortunately I didn’t call it Tim’s PC World otherwise I might have been harassed by that well know UK store) and Plaid Cymru (for any readers in Wales) among the more common meanings.  More esoteric is parsec (pc)  a unit of distance used in astronomy and within the cancer community is pancreatic cancer which I don’t want to talk about. No I’ll stick with prostate cancer as the inner meaning for my blog title (leaving the clue in the tagline).

In the meantime I have had more examples of ‘management’ speak. I had an e-mail that said “Going forward if you need to contact me . . .” what’s wrong with “In the future . . . .”? Am I restricted to contacting her when I am in forward motion but not if I am stationary or going backwards? Then there was a quote from Gatwick spokesman when a runway was closed “The safety and security of our airport and passengers is our number one priority, but we’d like to apologise to passengers impacted today.” Why not ‘affected’? ‘Impacted’ makes it sound as if they were hit by something (a passing piece of runway perhaps?).

Then there is the unintended meanings of notices:- “Half oak barrels for sale” made me wonder what the other half was made of if it was not oak, when really it referred to ‘Oak half barrels’. Another one is the notice in a park “Dogs on leads must be exercised round the edge of the field”. So presumably dogs off leads must keep to the middle of the field? I think they intended to mean that dogs should be kept on leads and to the edge of the field but in trying to be brief they gave the sign a different meaning.


In meantime my friends on their journey from Land’s End to John O’Groats have completed 417 miles (out of 986) and climbed 28,000 feet (more than cycling up Everest, although somewhat easier). They are somewhere near Runcorn, it is raining and they are without WiFi so not posting updates on their blog. They are heading for Newton-in-Bowland today after packing up wet tents.

As for me, it’s blood tests tomorrow and my fifth (out of six) round of chemotherapy on Thursday.

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