Numbers, numbers, numbers

I am going to break the habit of many weeks and post nearly two days running. Today I will bore you with statistics! However to make it a little more interesting I will include a few graphs.  I am going to cover our friends on our way to the top of Scotland (without EU passports) and their and my blogs, my latest numbers which I got at chemo 5 and finally some referendum that has caused quite a bit of a storm on Facebook. Apparently now the result is known everyone (well that is a bit of an exaggeration) is googling the EU to find out what it is/was.

Our friends cycling to John O’Groats are now well in to Scotland (remember it is a big country – you think you are getting somewhere until you cross the border and realise that you are not yet halfway to where you are going) and will be having a well-earned rest day in Glencoe tomorrow (fortunately not a Campbell or MacDonald among them).

They have been blogging intermittently (depending on WiFi availability and knackerdness) and their blog has averaged over 70 hits a day compared with 14 hits a day for this blog and my ‘secret blog’ combined. (My ‘secret blog’ is the blog I set up to explore the Revelar ‘theme’ so as to understand the lejog site.  I haven’t told many people about that site!).

R blogs

Running Total – Blog Hits by Blog (plus lejog funds raised)

The lejog team have raised over £1,000 through justgiving along with a tidy sum collected along the route for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.

Now on to a subject closer to home – the results that I picked up at Chemo 5 yesterday. I also had the joy of spitting into a container until a big enough sample was obtained – not quite as hard as I expected since I have rather thick saliva. In fact I overfilled it because I thought the saliva was full of bubbles, but it wasn’t. This is all so that they can do some DNA analysis for the STAMPEDE trial – they have got a bit more funding so are doing a new strand of work.

My weight has dropped 1.35 kg (a bit over 8 lbs) since I started chemo even though I am eating loads – it’s the steroids. One way, but not my preferred way, to get to a sensible weight! My white blood cell count and neutrophils are all down a bit but still within the acceptable range. However the important figure is that my PSA has dropped from 17 to 1.2 three weeks ago and 0.79 this week (the lowest for 12 years).

R my results

I take this as being positive news.

Now on to the other news – 37% of the electorate want to leave the European Union.

referendum result

Yes you did hear me right – not 52% but only 37% of the electorate. Of course the disparity is down to those who did not vote. For some that may have been down to apathy or incompetence but for a sizeable chunk (technical term there) it would have been because they were not won over by the arguments of either side and found the multitude of issues not clear-cut but confusing.

One other thought – in May Nigel Farage warned that he would fight for a second referendum on Britain in Europe if the Remain campaign won by a narrow margin next month. : “In a 52-48 referendum this would be unfinished business by a long way.” I will wait with baited breath  for him to call for a re-run because Brexit didn’t quite get 52% of the vote.

Finally I will conclude with a quote from a one time President of the European Commission, Jacques Santer, which I think should be the motto of every Government “ Do less, but do it better”.



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