Mr Grumpyface

Over the past few months we have done our best to avoid picking up any infections – which generally means people born infections – by keeping clear of crowds and potential infection epicentres. There are of course other sources of infection. Being bitten by a seal would not be good (I gather that seals have one of the more infectious bites, although not as bad as a komodo dragon) but that is a risk that is fairly easy to avoid in the middle of Buckinghamshire. However any animal bite or scratch does come with some risk.

So you can imagine the reception I got the other morning when I said that I had been scratched by a cat. It happened as I was walking back from the papershop with the dog. The cat (which I know as Mr Grumpyface because of his appearance) was curled up in the bushes by the path. The dog thought “Cat, must chase” so Mr Grumpyface reacted and sprang at us. In the melee I managed to get scratched. Not a big scratch but not a good thing for the middle of my immunosuppressed period. So for the next few days  I needed to keep an eye on my temperature and look out for any signs of infection around the scratch. Any problems and it would have been a phone call to CCHU or Oxford and then off to A&E. Three days later I am able to report that all seems to be well.

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