If you don’t look in the mirror have you lost any hair?

One of the well-known side effects of chemotherapy is hair loss. Of course it is different for each person (and each drug) but in anticipation I had my hair cut short and trimmed my beard. I also ensured that I had suitable headgear in case the loss of hair created a cold spot on my head (a relative even offered to knit me a balaclava). Continue reading “If you don’t look in the mirror have you lost any hair?”


You can stop but you can’t leave

For some years we were rescuers for Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital but we stopped that seven years ago by which time we had been involved in over a thousand rescues or releases. The releases of animals which had been injured and had recovered and were fit to fend for themselves again was what we hoped for for all the animals we rescued (what I call the 3 R’s – Rescue, Repair, Release). A bit over half of the animals we rescued were released. Continue reading “You can stop but you can’t leave”

Feeling like Stig of the dump

The subtleties of the English language  were brought home the other  morning when a friend asked “How are you feeling?” . It made me think – the addition of the word ‘feeling’ gave the question a different slant compared to the usual “How are you?”. It told me that the friend knew that I had been undergoing chemo (and he would be happy to hear an answer). On the other hand if he had just asked the shorter question there would have been no indication that he was aware of my recent activities. And of course the only answer allowed to “How are you?” is  “Fine, how are you?” – anything more such as “I’ve got a bit of a rash on my left leg.” is definitely frowned on. Continue reading “Feeling like Stig of the dump”

1066 and all that

On Thursday I took my last steroid and didn’t go to CCHU. The three week cycle has ended!

A week ago I drove the furthest I have driven in a day this year – to Wrexham and back which is about 360 miles / 7 hours. Normally not a problem but over the past few months I have not been venturing far (for no particular reason other than there were no suitable destinations we wanted to visit).  I had been a bit concerned about the return journey given my propensity for postprandial  dozes. Continue reading “1066 and all that”