A new word

When we were on holiday I wondered whether I would have anything to say to keep my blog going. Yep, looks like it won’t be a problem.

Today’s new word is thrombocytopenia. We had timed our holiday* so that I could go for a blood test before seeing the oncologist on Monday (looking at the all important PSA levels). I had been going to go first thing Friday morning but a meeting had come up at our daughter’s Day Centre (rumours of it closing) so I had popped over to phlebotomy on Thursday afternoon. Continue reading “A new word”


A short break

You may wonder why you have heard nothing from me for a while – or you may just have been grateful that I haven’t been blethering on. Well we have been away, fitting in a holiday between the end of the school holidays (when everything is twice as expensive, and full of other peoples children) and my next appointment with my oncologist.

First we had a week in Northumberland as a stopping off point on the way to Scotland – but now a destination in its own right.  We also visited Sunderland where my father’s family had lived since 1779 when they probably had come down from Scotland. Then a week in Scotland, this time the eastern side although we did make it over to the west coast for a few hours, and finally back to Yorkshire then home. Continue reading “A short break”