Not 50 but 52

OK so this is my 52nd post but that isn’t the significance of the number 52 today. If I said “Not 36 but 52” you might have a clue about what I am referring to. Today we saw my haematology consultant, whom I discovered was named after my hero “Uncle Bill”, and the news is that my platelet levels have improved again – to 52. Not back to historic levels but definitely OK.


What is going on? Well we don’t know, it might have been a virus that messed with my immune system and caused it to attack my platelets. So just as well we held off on the rituximab (and saved the NHS a tidy sum). It also means that I would be OK for surgery should I need it but I will continue to do my best to avoid that. So we continue with Plan C (Wait and see), and back to haematology in three weeks. Mind you I should find out my platelet levels again shortly, when I have another blood test before seeing my Oncology consultant next week.

As for Uncle Bill, well he is not my Uncle (or my consultants) but that is the nickname given him on the Discovery and Terra Nova expeditions. Maybe I will tell you more another time (or maybe I won’t).

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