Farewell 2016

I said that I would update you on the ‘blood out of a stone’ front. This morning I just about managed to get a drop of blood out of my finger (I am sure that the Lancing Device is not as efficient as it should be, only works properly when a nurse is watching) and got a reading higher than previous ones – not the figure I was hoping for. Was it the Christmas effect or something else? I have tried to behave and only had a couple of slices of Christmas Cake (without icing) and no Christmas pudding, then I wondered whether there was another reason. I had got up at 4am on Friday morning with a raging sore throat and had then slept most of Friday (which is not like me) once the raging sore throat had died down to a murmur (although forbidden from speaking because it still came out in a croak).

So I had a word with Dr Google and found that “Illness and infections, as well as other forms of stress, will raise your blood glucose levels. As part of the body’s defence mechanism for fighting illness and infection, more glucose is released into the bloodstream and prevents insulin from working properly. This happens even if you are off your food or eating less than usual.” I also discovered that “squeezing and rubbing your finger after you’ve pricked it can affect the blood sample” but another study “concluded that milking the finger gives correct glucose values”.

While my higher blood glucose figure was disappointing I won’t get over-excited, just wait until I am feeling a bit better and see if I get a better reading then.

Exactly a year ago today I was mildly radioactive having been given a CT scan as part of the investigations following my “Bryson issue” and which led to my prostate cancer diagnosis. It has been a bit of a different year but fun. It also meant that we gave up attending committees and taking the grandchildren to school during the summer term. It made us think about what we can and should do.  What I didn’t expect was that the blog would be found and followed by complete strangers. That has introduced me to their blogs which has put my position into perspective.  My analogy is that some people’s cancers are like climbing Everest and others just climbing Ben Nevis. Some do it in fair weather and others in raging storms.

In fact walking round hospitals (and even Tescos) and seeing other people has made me appreciate how fortunate I am. So I will finish 2016 by thanking my friends and family, especially Liz, for their support throughout the year and wish everyone who reads this a happy New Year.

4 thoughts on “Farewell 2016

  1. And a Happy New Year to you, my beautiful friends. So happy to hear you can see the good while those around us can’t see passed the trauma which is always part of life on earth.
    I am happy that my own journey was climbing Ben Nevis in fair weather and seems only a story I now tell.


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