Time is leaking out of my Laptop

They say time is a constant but is that really true? Back in April when I was in a side-room on a Ward following my Beetroot episode I mused on whether time ran at the same rate in the side-room as it did on the main Ward. I have pondered this again this week. There are other times when time drags – or slips away. And it’s not just the minutes and seconds causing grief. Tracking whole days can be a challenge – I have had to think really hard to work out that today (or yesterday, or even the day before that by the time you read this) is Wednesday. With a day in bed and normal routines aborted the week had completely lost its shape, but now that schools are back it might start to make sense again.

However back to those pesky minutes and seconds – it is the middle of the night and the clock says 3.10 (or tick tock depending how you look at it) so you look away and think mysterious thoughts, convince yourself that you have gotten to sleep and after a while you turn back expecting it to be almost time to get up and what does the clock say – is it 7.00 – no, 6.00 – no not close, well perhaps 4.30 then – no nothing like that. It says (wait for it), it says 3.12. Will the night never end? (Did you spot that I used the old fashioned ‘gotten’ rather than ‘got’ to avoid confusion. If I said “You have got to sleep” it could mean “You have gone to sleep” or it could mean “You must sleep”.)

On the other hand you turn on the computer to check the weather forecast, which you do,  and then you look up and it has gone dark. What happened? Well you started with the weather but the computer told you about a post on social media so you thought that you would take a look, another photo of a meal – boring, but you see that Rover’s owners have been on holiday and he has come back from his sojourn with kennel cough, a walking vet’s bill that dog, oh that looks an interesting story about Aboriginal memory, ah there’s a link to another story from Australian Geographic, which reminds you, you need to reply to that e-mail about . . .  and all the while that you are doing this, time must be leaking out of the bottom of your laptop because you were only going to be two minutes. I must find a way of plugging the leak. Perhaps not turning the laptop on might work.

2 thoughts on “Time is leaking out of my Laptop

  1. Switching it off won’t stop time being a variable. Being told you have to wear metal splints in your mouth for 10 weeks seems an unimaginable length of time but looking back at those 10 weeks they seem to have disappeared. Can’t offer an explanation though….


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