Wellington boots

I keep a pair of wellies by the front door to slip on when I take the dog out. Unfortunately after a year or so they crack at some point where the rubber has been flexed too much so they start to leak. Not good for walking across dew soaked grass or through muddy puddles. So I have to replace them. However the last time this happened I kept the old pair in the garage (there is space to do this sort of thing now, following last year’s tidy up). Continue reading “Wellington boots”


Big data and little data – elections and platelets

A friend drew my attention to an article ‘The Data That Turned the World Upside Down’  which talked about the impact of “big data” on the recent US Presidential election and the UK’s EU referendum. (It is quite a long article!). Big data seems to be an aggregation of vast volumes of little bits of data such as posts on Facebook or shopping on Amazon or searches on Google. Continue reading “Big data and little data – elections and platelets”

Thank goodness for the NHS

I am going to break the habit of many months and post two days running – well not post so much as re-post. San Diego Dan has written about the challenges brought on by the proposed repeal of “Obamacare” (the Affordable Care Act ). It is worth a read.

It’s good to be distracted. I’ve barely thought about prostate cancer since the holidays, and that’s been fantastic. What’s not fantastic is the reason for the distraction. One word: Trump. I’ll not turn this into a political blog, but suffice it to say, I’m not a fan. But, seeing as the repeal of the Affordable Care […]

via Month 75 – Distracted from Cancer — Dan’s Journey through Prostate Cancer

What’s in a name?

A few posts ago I mentioned some rules I had devised in “Rule No. 25 – Why work at getting it right when you can let things drift and have a really big bust up?”. I was reminded of another of these Rules when I heard a suggestion that the Respite Castle would be renamed the Short Breaks Castle. This may be a good move but I wrote of some thoughts on changing names for the wrong reason many moons ago. If you are a little unsure of the perception of your position or you want to confuse everyone’s view of reality – change your name. Hence Rule No 4 – If you want a smokescreen change your name. Continue reading “What’s in a name?”

Life in the 1950’s

It’s a week until my next planned medical encounter so I thought I would turn to some notes I came across the other day. I had written these when I was reading Pam Ayres autobiography ‘The Necessary Aptitude’. Pam had grown up in Oxfordshire at the same time as me so there were a few parallels and (because she was in a small village and I was in the city) quite a few differences. I first heard her reading her poetry when she was on the same bill at the Oxford Playhouse as a guitarist school friend of mine. Some years later she was living a quarter of a mile from our house, although I didn’t know it at the time.

The time we are now talking about is the 1950’s and early 1960’s. We didn’t have a car or television – very few people did. When Princess Margaret got married we were invited to watch it in a neighbour’s house on a small black and white screen –the only person at our end of the road with a television. We relied mainly on public transport although my father had a Cyclemaster (a pushbike with a small engine in the back wheel). At some point my father’s step-father (step-grandfather or grand-step-father?) got a Hillman saloon which we borrowed for holidays. Continue reading “Life in the 1950’s”