Wellington boots

I keep a pair of wellies by the front door to slip on when I take the dog out. Unfortunately after a year or so they crack at some point where the rubber has been flexed too much so they start to leak. Not good for walking across dew soaked grass or through muddy puddles. So I have to replace them. However the last time this happened I kept the old pair in the garage (there is space to do this sort of thing now, following last year’s tidy up). A week or two ago the latest pair cracked and I dug out the old pair and found that in one pair it was the left boot that had cracked whereas in the other pair it was the right boot that had the leak. So I picked the good boot from each pair and now have a nearly matching pair of watertight boots. You wouldn’t know from a casual glance that they are not proper siblings (if you can talk about a pair of wellies as siblings) so let’s just keep it between ourselves.

Yesterday I hit another milestone – I had my first haircut and beard trim since March. It wasn’t that I had started tripping over my beard or that my hair was halfway down my back, it was just that my bristles had recovered from the low point five or six months ago when they were almost invisible.

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