Madness down under

A friend wrote that she was “feeling annoyed” on one of those social network thingys. Not an emotion I normally see from her (from others, yes, but her, no). So I read on.

I knew that there were controversial plans for a coalmine in Queensland which would mean huge coal barges crossing the Great Barrier Reef. As Dr. Charlie Veron, former chief scientist, Australian Institute for Marine Science stated: “I think there is no single action that could be as harmful to the Great Barrier Reef as the Carmichael coal mine.”

There are many campaigns and petitions against this mine but they are perhaps best summarised in a petition currently before the Queensland Legislative Assembly which states “Queensland residents draws to the attention of the House that Adani’s Carmichael mine will release sufficient pollution to drive climate change beyond the 2C limit as agreed internationally at the Paris Climate Summit. Environmental impacts, including destruction of the Great Barrier Reef, far outweigh any promised economic benefits. The Queensland community opposes this mine situated on the traditional lands of the Wangan and Jagalingou people.

Your petitioners, therefore, request the House to reverse the Adani coal mine approval and withdraw consent for use of the site for extractive resources. Confirm no taxpayer funds are allocated for infrastructure to subsidise multi-national profits. Reinstate water legislation to protect the area’s hydrology. Ensure government decisions are made in the community’s best interests, which is to transition to a clean energy future.”

But what prompted my friend’s ire was that to add insult to injury the company responsible has plans to squirrel away a small fortune in a tax haven. I say a small fortune but really I mean a large fortune even though a billion is only a thousand million unlike when I was at school when it was a million million.

She had heard a very troubling news report on ABC radio concerning the Adani Group and their financial setup for profits from mining Carmichael Coal Mine in Queensland. She went on to say that “it is appalling that The Great Barrier Reef is in real threat of additional damage from the huge vessels taking coal from our shores. The financial setup of the Adani family gives a huge rake of cash going off to a phantom company in the Cayman Islands at the expense of stockholders. This is not an Australian company (it is Indian). What is in it for Australia? We let them rob us blind and put our beautiful Reef in peril.

Need I say more?


2 thoughts on “Madness down under

  1. I have seen the damage done to the land and the people in Australia by coal mining. There are huge scars in the Hunter Valley and in Queensland. It has cost so many lives and destroyed the health of thousands. Australia has sold its soul to foreign interests.


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