My three legged stool

A three legged stool is more stable than any other. But mine has been out of kilter for a while. It’s not a real stool of course, just a hypothetical one with the legs being three of the numbers that try to rule my life – PSA, platelet counts and blood glucose. A year and a bit ago my PSA leg was too long, six months ago my platelet count leg was almost non-existent while the third blood glucose leg was knocked senseless by chemotherapy and then beaten up by the prednisolone that was trying to get my second leg right!

As you may have seen from my recent post my PSA (a lower the better number) has got down to a good figure and my platelet count (a higher the better number, up to a point) is at an acceptable level.  I can now report that my glycated haemoglobin (HbA1c) level (a 40 is better than 60 number) is now back to close to my pre-chemo pre-steroid level.  (This indicates average blood sugar levels over a three month period which this time covered the three months after I stopped the prednisolone).


So my hypothetical stool is now no longer tilted like a Pisa Tower.

6 thoughts on “My three legged stool

  1. Hi Tim, I’ve just forwarded your post to daughter Rachel. She had a meeting with her oncologist yesterday and is seeing an Alternative Therapist tomorrow before deciding whether or not to have chemo. You did know that she’s had two operations to remove a tumour and various lymph nodes didn’t you? I told her to read your post from the beginning which I think she will find interesting. Hope you continue to get stronger, take care, Peter


  2. Tim, my first thought was that you need a new stool! However, it appears that something is happening to level you up! You haven’t mentioned the condition of the seat though. I hope it is sound and in good condition! I love the analogy, or is it metaphor! All the best, Les


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