Do they really mean that?

I haven’t blogged for a while because we had a fairly manic weekend a week ago which I may tell you about later. It has taken a bit of time to recover. Occasionally I will see a notice that amuses me so I thought that I would share a few of them with you: Continue reading “Do they really mean that?”


Times they were a-changing

At the end of last month we went through the twice yearly ritual of changing the clocks by an hour. In the USA they did it at the beginning of the month so as to confuse us should we want to contact them in March. The clock in the car does it all by itself, as does my phone, but my watch and the other clocks in the house need to be adjusted manually (in fact manually bi-annually even). I usually manage to fix most of them first thing in the morning but there are a couple I don’t understand and so they remain on GMT until a small child comes along and sorts them out. This means there is plenty of scope for confusion if you look at the wrong clock and forget that it is an hour out. Continue reading “Times they were a-changing”

I didn’t realise gas was so heavy.

We spent last week in the far west in a land where they speak with a lilt in their voice and I discovered several new things concerning gas and glass. I had heard that you could tell whether an LPG bottle was full or empty by weighing it, but I had never quite believed it. After all gasses must be pretty light mustn’t they? Surely it’s a bit like checking the weight of a feather. Well I had the chance to check which of two bottles was full and which was empty and found that while it was easy enough to lift one, I could hardly lift the other one. So it is true, gas can be seriously heavy. But more fascinating was what I learned watching a glass flame-worker. Continue reading “I didn’t realise gas was so heavy.”