My platelets are better than yours

I saw a haematology consultant today and the good news is that my platelet count has continued to rise. It is now 116 which is still below the normal level of 150 plus but is heading in the right direction. If you look at a graph of my platelet scores there is a clear upward trend from the panic inducing level of 10 in September.

platelets inc chemo period

Of course this is just a spot reading from how my blood felt at 9.00am on Friday morning and a blood test the next day (or previous day) could well produce a different reading (and counting platelets is not a particularly precise science).

In fact a reading of 116 is better than it sounds because the antibodies in the immune system which attack the platelets go for the old or tatty ones leaving the best platelets. Thus I have 116 effective platelets when someone else might have, say, 90 good platelets and 60 worn out platelets. So someone with ITP will be less susceptible to bleeding than someone else with the same number of platelets, for example.

With this improvement I don’t need to see a haematology consultant again until next year (unless something goes wrong). In the meantime I will have a blood test every four months and rather than needing to go into CCHU I will get a phone call on the Tuesday following the blood test to tell me what’s what. How sensible.

2 thoughts on “My platelets are better than yours

  1. Well done mate, long may the rise be with you; the idea of tatty platelets appeals to me and it makes sense. I think some of mine feel quite tatty today, I’ll go and lie down……

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