Spare a thought for the ‘spectators’

San Diego Dan has been investigating the Facebook Prostate Cancer support group. One comment he made was “one person spoke of how her husband was sleeping upwards of 20 hours per day.” which would make you an insomniac if you were a koala but is not so good for homo sapiens. But that set me to thinking about how having prostate cancer can affect those around you (or me) – the ‘spectators’. They have to put up with my irritability, lethargy, concerns and a host of other things with no thought of thanks. I am grateful for their support whether it is just a ‘like’ on this blog, the invitation round for tea, a visit or more. Such as when I visit my GP and she asks how I am, I say “OK” and Liz then gives her a list. It might start with “A bit of a cough” or it might be a bit more specific “He’s got a cough that kept me awake”.

So thank you to you all

whether your support is big or small

(hey I’m a poet

and I didn’t know it).

I have just realised that this is my first blog this month. Whatever happened to July? Well it came and went, more drama in #1 son’s event catering sideline (that is a follow up to the fairly manic weekend I mentioned in passing in Do they really mean that?),  King Chask (see Rule No. 25) has been replaced by a new Queen Chask who has torn up the plans for a new castle, I have discovered the Wee Bookshop and Café, our daughter is still recovering from an infection she had in May, this blog passed 50,000 words and  Liz, for a couple of months, is the same age as me.

Oh and one fuzzy milestone has passed. I call it a fuzzy milestone because it was not a precise prognosis but one I mentioned in “Hang on, let’s just step back a bit.”. It was when I got the results of the various tests (MRI, CT scan, prostate ultrasound and biopsy)  from the Macmillan Cancer Nurse and he told me that without treatment I had got 18 months. That was 18 months ago.

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