Big brother is helping you

I recently had this pop up on my screen:

big brother is helping you

What an offer – should I turn it on? No way. While having a possibly miss-spelled word underlined in wiggly red is useful – I can decide whether it is miss-spelled or just not in MS Word’s dictionary but they do get it wrong. For example in a recent blog I typed “It’s what Fathers are for” and MSWord told me it should be ‘Its’ and that I should change a commonly confused word. Yes I know if it’s possessive (unlike all other possessives) it should be ‘its’ but if it’s a contraction of ‘it is’ then it’s ‘it’s’ not ‘its’. “It is what Fathers are for” makes sense, “Its what Fathers are for” does not.

But there is more to it than just being irritated by MSWord’s ‘corrections’. Jason C. Saenz a Bolivian stand-up comedian has been putting up rather pointed posters. This is one of them:

google now hiring

This is a point expanded on by Luigi Cappel in his recent blog “Why Would You Want an Amazon Echo and Who Else is Listening.” Worth a read.

While I am ruminating I have a couple more entries for “Do they really mean that?

One website said “[a patient] started an unplanned and unexpected journey into the world of prostate cancer . . .”  – which makes me wonder who would start a planned journey into the world of prostate cancer . . .

I can’t help but wonder about the job title of a senior member of our local social services – “Director of Joint Commissioning” .  Does that mean that she is in charge of commissioning joints? I have an image of her creeping out of the back door of County Hall, sidling up to a shady individual on a street corner, handing over a wad of used notes and asking them to go out and get a few spliffs. Mind you the way the Council made a hash of their Latsee and other things . . .


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