How far is Norway?

or Do they really mean that (4)?

I was reading a story about the discovery of a WW2 Stirling bomber on the seabed in the North Sea. It would have been one of a number which were lost when they were taking supplies to the Norwegian resistance. It was discovered during survey work for a new electric cable between the UK and Norway.

All interesting enough but what surprised me was the final paragraph which said:

720m cable

Now I have been on the ferry between South Shields and Stavanger (and on to Bergen) so somehow I don’t think a 720m/2,350ft/0.45mile cable would be long enough. It wouldn’t reach the top of the Burj al Khalifa tower in Dubai let alone halfway to the end of the undersea tunnels of the Wearmouth Colliery.  (It was claimed in Sunderland that Hitler had no chance of winning the war because they were mining all his coal. This was a bit of an exaggeration but the tunnels did extend over two miles out to sea!)

So what did they mean? Was it a 720mm diameter cable? No it is to be a 720km (450 mile) cable linking Blyth in Northumberland and Kvilldal in Norway.  Whoever wrote the piece for the BBC website clearly had no concept of geography or distance. Hopefully by the time you read the report (if you should do so) it will have been corrected (which is why I have used an image of the offending paragraph).


3 thoughts on “How far is Norway?

  1. Ah, but could it be a new secret bungee cable, much less capital cost. Starts out very thick but stretches to be the right size to fit a 3-pin plug after 450Km.

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