I don’t do reversing

My annual diabetes review went off OK – my blood glucose levels have settled back to ‘normal’ following the hump when I was taking steroids. We had a discussion on cholesterol and I was given a booklet to read. So I thought I would tell you about my experiences as a parking attendant. Continue reading “I don’t do reversing”


Do they really mean that (5) and platelets

I was reading a sentence on the BBC Website which started “At the time travel company First Bus . . .” and I though ‘wow, they’ve cracked it’. I was a bit disappointed when I carried on reading “At the time travel company First Bus said it faced “unprecedented delays” to services in North Somerset.” I think I needed to take a breath after ‘time’ rather than after ‘bus’! It was a report on how much delays are costing the UK and if there was any time travel it was only in one direction while sat in a jam on a motorway (where time ceases to exist anyway).

Meanwhile back in the world of needles being stuck in my arm I had a blood test last week Continue reading “Do they really mean that (5) and platelets”

If only . . .

I recently was given a lift by my son in his new car (in order that I might imbibe a couple of celebratory glasses of wine – a first) and noticed that not only did it change gear for him, it also dipped the headlights when another car approached. He then told me that if he was on the motorway and started to stray out of the lane it would give a nudge on the steering wheel and if that didn’t work it would shout at him. I am sure all these features (and ones like anti-lock braking) are making a contribution to road safety but it is a bit much when you are nagged by a car. Continue reading “If only . . .”