Do they really mean that (5) and platelets

I was reading a sentence on the BBC Website which started “At the time travel company First Bus . . .” and I though ‘wow, they’ve cracked it’. I was a bit disappointed when I carried on reading “At the time travel company First Bus said it faced “unprecedented delays” to services in North Somerset.” I think I needed to take a breath after ‘time’ rather than after ‘bus’! It was a report on how much delays are costing the UK and if there was any time travel it was only in one direction while sat in a jam on a motorway (where time ceases to exist anyway).

Meanwhile back in the world of needles being stuck in my arm I had a blood test last week for my annual diabetes review and will get the results sent to me in time for the meeting with the diabetes nurse next week. However I sneaked a look at the results online. No I am not a hacker; some time ago I went in to the surgery with proof of my identity (a passport, bus passes are not adequate) and filled in a form in front of the receptionist. A little while later I was sent instructions on how to access my records and separately got my user name and password. They take gaining access to these records seriously, as indeed they should.

Shall I keep you in suspense and wait until after my review? The numbers I was most interested in were my HbA1c and Platelet levels (PSA readings are not done for this test so only two out of my three ‘legs’ on my hypothetical Three Legged Stool). HbA1c was pretty much the same as last time. Following a recent high of 116 at my last face to face haematology review my platelets had started to go into hiding with readings of 83 and 69. Would the trend continue or not. Fortunately the answer was ‘not’ – they had recovered to 87. There are a lot of other results from the test which I will find out the significance of in due course. For example my Neutrophils (the lack or which caused such excitement just after I started chemo) are still within the acceptable range.

The results which I can see online show the latest figure along with the normal range and a green or red marker to indicate whether they are at an acceptable platelet results3

I can also pull up a graph of the results over time although this only shows the results of tests organised by the surgery and generally does not include the results of tests done for CCHU (even though the blood was abstracted in the surgery).

online platelet results

More complete graphs of my key numbers can be found on my Graphs page.

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