Upping the ante (2) – 150 days to go

At the end of March (Upping the ante) I told you that my daughter-in-law Toni and her friend and running companion Carol have made a rash decision – they have entered the Great South Run to raise money for Cancer Research UK. This is a 10 mile unencumbered run when they are used to 10 kilometre runs which have obstacles to allow them to take a breather (she’ll probably tell me off for suggesting that that is what they are for).

Somewhat confusingly I then discovered that there is a near namesake (Tony instead of Toni so I guess he’s a bloke) running in the Great North Run. As far as I know he is no relation although I did meet a Tony Addison on holiday about 60 years ago.


Last weekend they completed the first of this years runs – a new Active Warrior event in Wendover woods just a few miles from where we live. While there were no lakes to swim or muddy puddles to jump in there were 30 obstacles and some evil hills. As Carol said “ Not too shabby doing it in 1hr 15 minutes……considering one of the hills was so steep I nearly had to crawl up it!

Their next event is the summer WOLF Run at the beginning of June. Last year they did all four WOLF Runs (WOLF stands for Woods, Obstacles, Lakes and Fields) which gave them the status of Alpha Wolves as well as raising money for Kidney Research UK.

The Great South Run challenge is still some way off (150 days to go) but they are on their way towards their fundraising target (15% of the way so far but hopefully that will accelerate as they get closer to the end of October).

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