Two weeks to go

x gsrIn two weeks time Toni and Carol should be recovering after a 10 mile run on the south coast. Yesterday for the first time they ran just over 10 miles so are feeling confident about the Great South Run (providing Carol’s knee doesn’t kill her and Toni hasn’t succumbed to hypothermia). It will be shorter runs now for the next couple of weeks. I am always impressed by people who can run longer distances whether it is 10k, 10m or longer – my longest run was twice round the sewage farm when I was at school (why they picked that route I am not sure but it did encourage us to not hang around) although I would happily walk much further than that. Apart from the challenge of competing in an event rather longer than their usual runs (even though it is obstacle free) they are raising money for Cancer Research UK and are within spitting distance of their target.

As Toni says on their Justgiving pageAs most of you know Cancer has always been rearing it’s ugly head in my circle of family and friends.

Most recently has been Prostate Cancer effecting my Father in law Tim and my Step-father Nigel. Both are undergoing treatment to help keep the cancer at bay. Tim’s Cancer is currently controlled and Nigel’s treatment has a way to go yet with nothing but questions and uncertainties. . . . . . He has to undergo more radiotherapy and start a new chemo drug.

Other members of my family who are also dealing with this terrible disease are my step mother who is currently on treatment for breast cancer and has had surgery to remove the tumour but now has the horrid side effects of the medication and my two step-sisters, one who has had a cancerous thyroid tumour removed and the other had cervical cancer.

Or as Carol more succinctly (but anatomically inaccurately) put it “Prostate cancer is an arse and we need to find better ways to treat or even better cure it

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