Where did I go yesterday?

urologyThis cartoon was posted on Facebook by a friend yesterday which seemed entirely appropriate!

Spooky or what?

Yes you guessed it – I had an urology appointment.  This appointment had been organised before I had the trip to A&E described in Send for a plumber. Of course the problem that made me make that trip was the opposite of the one in the cartoon. So since then I have been living with a catheter and waiting for this urology appointment. It appears that I should have been sent home from A&E with  rather more information than I was actually given. Still it was the middle of the night. From today’s consultation it may be that in addition to an enlarged prostate I have an irritable bladder. I don’t know about that but at times over the last few months I have had an irritable me, but I am trying to keep that under control. The next step is that I will now be referred to a TWOC clinic.

So one Saturday in the New Year I will again visit urology and spend a day there while they measure my fluid intake and output and work out whether my waterworks are functioning properly. They will probably also scan my bladder regularly. If it is not what we hope for they may then send a camera up for a look see (I hope it’s not my Canon SLR!) but I will be out of it so won’t know. This may then be followed by the TURP ‘apple core’ operation. But I get ahead of myself, for now life is far better than it was in the last few weeks of October even if I am getting up and down a little gingerly and not rushing around.

PSA trendWhile I was there I asked whether having a catheter would distort my PSA reading because I had a blood test a week or so ago and my PSA had gone up again (but not too far off my trend line and less than the inexplicable high of a year ago). The answer was that a catheter could distort the PSA figure. My platelets are doing OK although not quite as high as they were when I had a blood test done in A&E.

Meanwhile back in the everyday world I find that Siri is reading my e-mails and sending me little messages like the one below. Apart from the fact that if I have an appointment for a blood test why on earth would I want to make a phone call about it (they can’t stick a needle down the phone line to extract my blood can they?) I am not sure that I am too happy with a machine telling me what to do on the basis of what is in my e-mails. It is as bad as my car shouting at me when I have left the handbrake on. siriPerhaps I should go back to using pen and paper. That is what Captain Scott did when he was courting Kathleen Bruce although I doubt if any of the telephone operators was called Siri.

For our younger readers (if there are any) or those of you who had forgotten, I should explain that a hundred years ago telephone calls were connected by operators who would be asked by the caller to connect them to a particular number and then would do so. This meant that they would know who was talking to whom and they could also hear what was said (although of course they weren’t supposed to). So in order to keep their relationship to themselves Captain Scott and Kathleen would write to each other. This was in the days when, if you were going to be late home from work, you would send a letter home and it would get there before dinner was on the table. So it was possible to get four letters back and forth in a day which while it wasn’t the instant communication of Messages or WhatsApp it was pretty close.

One thought on “Where did I go yesterday?

  1. Hi Tim glad to see you are still blogging away. Things sound more encouraging and just to let you know we still think of you. Colin & Cathy


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