Some people just don’t understand. If you have a dog on a long  lead it can be ten foot in front of you or ten foot behind you or even ten foot to the side of you. Its limit is a circle with you at the centre.

I was out with our dog and a woman was walking along the road on the other side with a dog on an extendable lead. Now if you have any sense you lock it in its shortest position when you are walking along the road but I could see that the dog was some way in front of her and able to go to the full length of the lead. When it saw us it immediately ran across the road towards us. Fortunately there were no cars around otherwise it would have been a splatted dog (and probably a rather upset car driver)! The comment from the dog owner was “That is the trouble with these things” as if she had no ability to keep her dog on a short lead when on a road and had forgotten that she was responsible for her dog’s safety. My reaction was “Stupid person” (well actually “Stupid woman” but that is a phrase than can get you into trouble).

Another misunderstanding but a more reasonable one this time. When I mentioned I was being TWOC’d on the 5th of January I got the response “??“. So I explained it meant Trial WithOut Catheter which led to the response “Ah ok. Usually means taken without consent. Was wondering who was going to steal you and why it had been arranged. “!  Hopefully I am not going to get stolen any time soon although I will be spending a day in hospital. I must admit I have mixed feelings about the TWOC – it would be nice to get back to the way I was six months ago but my worry is that I would only get back to the way I was at the end of October (and where I am now is a lot better than that). After all if it is an enlarged prostate and/or an irritated bladder causing the problem, what has changed? There has been no medical intervention. Mind you apart from the initial  dose of steroids which got me out of the danger zone my platelets have been climbing into the ‘normal’ zone all on their own. I guess the TWOC is the necessary first step to deciding what to do.

On my recent trip to the big city I saw this notice.


Now if the last train is cancelled does the second to last train now become the last train? If it does will it also be cancelled. Now that is being silly, as is this display in our local supermarket.

Bottom shelf – Chicken for vegetarians

I hope you all have a happy and healthy New Year.



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