Urology to oncology

I left you in the Urology ward waiting over the weekend for an ultrasound scan (KUB – kidneys, ureter and bladder). Saturday came and went with an extraordinary rugby match – England 31-0 up after 31 minutes, Scotland then leading 38-31 at full time and England nicking a draw in the dying seconds. Sunday I should have been having another TWOC (Trial WithOut Catheter) but this was postponed. Had my last meal at midnight in case I needed to go down for surgery after the ultrasound. First thing Monday the doctors and nurses came round, stood at the foot of my bed, stared at me for a bit and then moved on. Usually they are a bit more communicative and I found all the ward staff helpful and friendly. It is interesting that the doctors and registrars address me as Mr Addison while the nurses and other staff address me as Tim (and I do the same in reverse).

Just before lunch I was wheeled down to x-ray for an ultrasound scan which showed a bit of a blockage and a clot in the bladder but a significant improvement from Friday’s CT scan. A while later I was told that my consultant was happy with the scan and that I didn’t need surgery. Time for food! And another TWOC, which again was not very successful so back in with the catheter on Tuesday and home.

I had a further TWOC a week or so later which I just about passed so was allowed home without a catheter. Four days later my waterworks weren’t working very well so back in to be recatheterised. The plan is to change to self-catheterisation (with the hope that my waterworks will learn how to work properly again). A week later I added to the saga (which is how my GP describes my notes) with a further check up and antibiotics for a UTI which has possibly been hanging around since before my TURP (the surgeon said it was cloudy up there). So we were trying to carry on with life although I do need to build up my bum muscles since I have been walking far less than normal and find it uncomfortable driving or sitting for long in anything other than the softest chair.

A couple of weeks later I had a consultation with my urologist. “How are you” she said, “fed up” said I. I was still in some pain so she organised blood tests and another ultrasound which was done by the same radiographer who remembered me from last time and who said there was very little change. Did this mean that I was heading for surgery for a stent or what? No; I had a call from the urology registrar who said there was no point in a nephrostomy or stent (there was no progression of hydronephrosis) , the CT scan had shown some issues with my lymph nodes and my PSA had gone up. So it is over to oncology and possibly more scans. Watch this space!




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