Mildly Radioactive (Again)

Having been batted back to oncology from urology I fortunately had scheduled review imminent. I told my oncologist about the traumas of the past six months. He was of course aware of my raised PSA. He is a man with a calm and reassuring manner and a voice to match. As expected he added another tablet (bicalutamide) to my list and proposed a two scans so that he can get a better idea of what is happening. The first was a bone scan which I had last week. As before I went in to hospital for an injection of a radioactive tracer then home to drink plenty and let it do its work (gathering in hotspots in the bones). Three hours later it was back for the scan itself.

I talked about my first bone scan in Hang on, let’s just step back a bit but didn’t describe the process. Firstly I divested myself of all metal items – keys, money, belt (for its buckle) etc. – along with credit cards. Then I laid down on an almost too narrow concave bed. A support was put under my knees and my feet were tied together. Then a loop went over my tummy and my arms tucked into it so that they were held by my side. So well supported and trussed up I had to keeps still for the next 20 minutes or so while the NMR machine did its thing. First a grey box hovers over me and comes up towards my head. I guess it is on a long arm and there is something similar underneath me. (Remember I am pretty immobile and have a fairly narrow field of view). Then it gradually moves back down towards my feet verrrry slowly. After about 20 minutes I am unstrapped can move again.

I then had an appointment with haematology, a year after my last one. My platelets have gone up to 264 well within the normal range so good news there at least. Will get a phone call in a year’s time but in the meantime should I get any bleeding or bruising problems I should get back in touch. However from a blood test today it seems that my sodium levels are low so we need to fix that. A plan is in place.

Now a wait for my CT scan in a couple of weeks’ time and my next consultation with my oncologist a week or so after that. It would seem that my cancer has progressed (which sounds positive but isn’t). I guess there are a number of options and there is no point in second guessing what they are. As he said at my last consultation “There is light at the end of the tunnel – and it’s not the train coming towards us”

2 thoughts on “Mildly Radioactive (Again)

  1. Sounds like fun…or maybe not. I’m fascinated by all the technology available to them these days especially having had and MRI brain scan two weeks ago – good news – they found one! and a follow up with samples of blood, urine and drool- urgh and a lumbar puncture where they found spinal fluid.

    All this as part of research into dementia, the positive side for me is that anyone who has dementia can’t take part so, so far, so good! There has been a change over the 10 years (or is it more – cant remember) since I started this malarkey . Think it’s to do with DP (and 2 more letters) but previously, if they found anything untoward they would tell my GP. Now they have to discuss it with me before telling her so if I get a letter saying ‘Come in for a chat’ Hazel will say, ‘I told you you were getting confused’. But hey ho, hope your news is good Tim.


    1. I think the two more letters are G and R as in GDPR. There were no suspicious lesions on the bone scan so now lets see what the CT scan next month shows up. Meanwhile I am working on getting my sodium levels up.


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