Flying ghost monkeys

I had been finding it more difficult to sit or stand for long but at least managed to get down to the Scout Hut to see it renamed after Richard Sherman who was the driving force behind fundraising and building the much used facility.
Meanwhile one of my legs had turned into a balloon so off to the Urgent Care Centre. Was it a DVT? Blood taken and heparin given. Next morning there was a lot of blood in my pee (or vice versa) so I managed to get a scan that day which showed no DVT. However there was concern about what might happening elsewhere so a CT scan was arranged. The good thing here was that it was combined with the one requested by my oncologist so I was able to bring that forward a week.

It seems that the bicalutimide is not working so it is time for a new drug and radiotherapy.  I need to go for a review before starting these but I am finding it increasingly difficult to get around.
However I am up and ready to go to Oxford for the Pre-radiotherapy review but when son#2 arrives to take us we cannot get out of the hall let alone into the car. Instead it is 999 and off to A&E. By this time I haven’t got a clue what is going on and only become aware of my surroundings when I wake up on a ward. I am convinced that I am in Wycombe and that everyone around me is hatching conspiracies (wrong). A shadow flits across the ceiling at 200mph  which I name my ghost monkey!!!!!
It appears that there has been a bug going around which most people have shaken off but has turned into a a nasty dose of pneumonia/sepsis/etc for me.  So here I am in SMH trying to rebuild my strength.

One thought on “Flying ghost monkeys

  1. Oh Tim, you poor thing. I really hope you are feeling a bit better. The fact you are writing this blog has to be a positive.


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