A week or so ago we discussed the possibility of me going home with the medics. (I mean discussed with the medics, not going home with the medics). We had a long and serious discussion with the registrar who made it clear that the decision was up to me. The ward seemed to be full of people who would go home if their homes were suitable for them in their condition. Our house was suitable, it just needed some equipment, Liz wanted me home, I wanted me home, so the decision was easy.

So a  team sprang into action giving us regular updates. Funding was secured for carers to come in four times a day (I need to be washed and made comfortable – it is quite a challenge getting used to having people do things for me that I would normally do for myself but couldn’t anymore). A hospital style bed was delivered and an oxygen machine installed (I am on a low dose supply of oxygen). A District Nurse will come in daily for my injections. A whole raft of medical supplies was organised.

Late afternoon Thursday I found two paramedics standing by my bed. Time to go. What belongings I had there were bagged up and I was transferred to a stretcher – not quite as comfortable as the bed but it does fit in the ambulance! A short trip and the ambulance was backed onto our drive and I was wheeled into the house. I hardly recognised the kitchen and lounge – two walls have been knocked down which opens it up brilliantly – a great transformation. I was then wheeled next to my bed and slid across and made comfortable. Home!

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