Another day another ward

Back in July I told you how after a few days at home I had to return to hospital for intravenous antibiotics to fight an infection. After five or six days it was back in an ambulance and home.

Unfortunately a week or so later I succumbed to another infection and it was back in the ambulance to A&E. They were again very thorough in examining me and taking blood etc. and eventually I was sent up to the Respiratory Ward. More scans (ultrasound and CT) and the conclusion is that I have an abscess on my lung which needs a longer course of antibiotics.

After consultation with microbiology a set of oral antibiotics is found to replace the intravenous ones so there is a chance for me to go home. First though a couple of blood tests to make sure they are doing their job.

Away from the needles (it is becoming increasingly difficult to find my veins – as soon as the needle punctures my skin they run away) Liz suggested that I should write my life story. I wasn’t sure but decided to give it a go. So I have started. I am on the second draft at about 19 pages. If I were to include full write-ups of our trips to Africa, Australia and Antarctica as well as various jobs etc it  would run to hundreds of pages.

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