A difficult decision

My right leg had swollen up again and this time my left leg was trying to join it, Getting out of bed was increasingly exhausting and difficult. Liz rang the Ian Rennie nurse and discussed it. The upcome was that the Lymphodemia nurse from Florence Nightingale who came and gave me a pressure sock and put a pressure bandage on my upper leg, For those who don’t know Florence Nightingale is a hospice on the Stoke Mandeville site while Ian Rennie provides similar care in your own home. You may remember that we supported the Florence Nightingale midnight walk fundraiser.

After some discussion it was decided that it would be best for me to go from The Hospice to Radiology in Oxford so here I am. I came over on Friday morning and settled in to a bed briefly. One of the advantages of being diagnosed positive for MRSA is that everyone wants to put you in a side room if one is  available – hence a brief stay on a ward before being wheeled round to a side room. The suroundings are very pleasant and the whole atmosphere is totally different to the hospital next door.

The lymphodaema nurse came and rebandaged my leg while checking my legs over. We will see what happens over the weekend. We also had a an in depth chat with the doctor who asked some of the harder questions. I have a radiotherapy assessment booked for Tuesday so she said we should make a decision on that when she sees me on Monday. My Oncologist thinks that it is unlikely to be of any benefit while many others think it is worth trying. A difficult decision. It won’t prolongue my life but it may affect my quality of life.

4 thoughts on “A difficult decision

  1. Hi Tim, sad to hear of more complications and as you say, a difficult decision to have to make. We didn’t reach Croatia. Seven days of hospitals and clinics in Lucerne with shingles in my head and eye. Back home last Wednesday and now treatments at Stoke Mandeville to try and prevent permanent damage as cornea is blistered. No fun getting old!


  2. Onwards and upwards Tim, thinking of you and remembering those Court Room ‘Zodiacs’ practice sessions, I still have some of your photos. The ‘Zodions’ into which we have morphed are now down to two plus computer assistance. Unfortunately, our last bass player couldn’t stand the pace of our rock ‘n roll life style but we have the technology as they say!


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