Flying ghost monkeys

I had been finding it more difficult to sit or stand for long but at least managed to get down to the Scout Hut to see it renamed after Richard Sherman who was the driving force behind fundraising and building the much used facility.
Meanwhile one of my legs had turned into a balloon so off to the Urgent Care Centre. Was it a DVT? Blood taken and heparin given. Next morning there was a lot of blood in my pee (or vice versa) so I managed to get a scan that day which showed no DVT. However there was concern about what might happening elsewhere so a CT scan was arranged. The good thing here was that it was combined with the one requested by my oncologist so I was able to bring that forward a week.

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Mildly Radioactive (Again)

Having been batted back to oncology from urology I fortunately had scheduled review imminent. I told my oncologist about the traumas of the past six months. He was of course aware of my raised PSA. He is a man with a calm and reassuring manner and a voice to match. As expected he added another tablet (bicalutamide) to my list and proposed a two scans so that he can get a better idea of what is happening. The first was a bone scan which I had last week. As before I went in to hospital for an injection of a radioactive tracer then home to drink plenty and let it do its work (gathering in hotspots in the bones). Three hours later it was back for the scan itself. Continue reading “Mildly Radioactive (Again)”

Urology to oncology

I left you in the Urology ward waiting over the weekend for an ultrasound scan (KUB – kidneys, ureter and bladder). Saturday came and went with an extraordinary rugby match – England 31-0 up after 31 minutes, Scotland then leading 38-31 at full time and England nicking a draw in the dying seconds. Sunday I should have been having another TWOC (Trial WithOut Catheter) but this was postponed. Had my last meal at midnight in case I needed to go down for surgery after the ultrasound. Continue reading “Urology to oncology”

Another visit to A&E

If you confuse your TWOC and your TURP are you a twurp? When I wrote about my first ever stay in hospital (for a TURP) I was expecting to return a couple of weeks later for another TWOC. Things didn’t quite work out like that. It has become time to introduce you to some new words – acute pyelonephritis, hydroureter, hydronephrosis and pseudomonas – and I might even tell you what they mean. Continue reading “Another visit to A&E”

Sky-boshed & other sillinesses

Now I have got round to this post. For some time we have had separate accounts for our broadband and TV. This was because my broadband provider had been taken over by Sky. Now this meant that we could save money by having a single account. In January there was a deal on which meant an even better package including both our phone line and upgrading to SkyQ. Continue reading “Sky-boshed & other sillinesses”

Good to go

I was ready to go through into the operating centre. It was weird being able to see my legs but to be unable to do any thing with them. Later on I watched as a nurse lifted my leg but if I hadn’t been looking I wouldn’t have known it was happening. Anyway I was wheeled into theatre where my Urologist  was waiting and I was slid across onto the operating table.

What music would I like to listen to? I said that I would normally go to the cabinet and pull a CD out but Adiemus would be good. It took some time to find it on the Internet. When it (the TURP) was all done the Urologist  said she enjoyed it and she would play it for the next patient. Continue reading “Good to go”