Cakes and deliveries

The other day we visited a cake shop. Not the sort of shop where you buy cakes but one where you buy anything and everything to decorate your cakes (you have to buy the ingredients for the cake itself elsewhere). It was a delight. It has been going for 30 years but when you step inside the door it could have been unchanged (except for the credit card reader) for half a century or more. Continue reading “Cakes and deliveries”



Walking down the road the other day  I saw a man sitting in his car frantically waving his arms around. For all the world it looked as if he was trying to beat off a wasp or some other annoying insect. When I got closer I could see that he was having an animated conversation on his mobile phone (cellphone in the US; a term which I used to find a bit confusing when US colleagues sent me messages starting “I am sending this from my cell . . .“). Continue reading “Telephony”

Carpe Annum

In comparison to 2016, with its diagnosis, chemotherapy and a few weeks holiday in the North East and Scotland, 2017 seems to have slipped into obscurity almost unnoticed. In fact things happened but not in the same way. There were milestones (in July it was 18 months from diagnosis when I was told that without treatment I had got 18 months; I got a certificate congratulating me for being in an Institution for 50 years; a 70th Birthday Party) and other activities that I have only alluded to in this blog. Continue reading “Carpe Annum”

Thought for the day

The other day it was a damp and misty morning and the older lady coming towards me on her walking frame greeted me with “A bit miserable in’t it“. This set me to thinking, we often refer to the weather being miserable but not to it being cheerful, (although I gather there is a book called “Cheerful weather for the wedding”).  I wonder why.

Anyway, whether the weather is cheerful, miserable, grumpy, wretched, chirpy or even effervescent wherever you are I hope you all have a good day tomorrow and a happy New Year.

Should I worry about Black Friday?

I’ve been getting e-mails like “20% off EVERYTHING plus FREE delivery – we’re starting Black Friday early!” and “We’re counting down to Black Friday“. So Black Friday is coming – is it another day of doom? After all the Black Death in the late 1340’s was not a good time with more than half of Europe’s population dying. Continue reading “Should I worry about Black Friday?”

An enigmatic Facebook challenge (part 2)

A couple of days ago I talked about a challenge doing the rounds on Facebook and showed seven photographs which I had posted over seven days. The rules of this challenge were simple with a lot left unsaid:

Seven days, seven black and white photos of your life.
No humans. No explanation
Challenge someone every day

In Part 1 I said that I would share the thinking behind these photos or what/where they are.  If you don’t want to know the thinking etc. then stop reading now. Otherwise carry on. Continue reading “An enigmatic Facebook challenge (part 2)”