Another day another ward

Back in July I told you how after a few days at home I had to return to hospital for intravenous antibiotics to fight an infection. After five or six days it was back in an ambulance and home.

Unfortunately a week or so later I succumbed to another infection and it was back in the ambulance to A&E. They were again very thorough in examining me and taking blood etc. and eventually I was sent up to the Respiratory Ward. More scans (ultrasound and CT) and the conclusion is that I have an abscess on my lung which needs a longer course of antibiotics.

After consultation with microbiology a set of oral antibiotics is found to replace the intravenous ones so there is a chance for me to go home. First though a couple of blood tests to make sure they are doing their job.

Away from the needles (it is becoming increasingly difficult to find my veins – as soon as the needle punctures my skin they run away) Liz suggested that I should write my life story. I wasn’t sure but decided to give it a go. So I have started. I am on the second draft at about 19 pages. If I were to include full write-ups of our trips to Africa, Australia and Antarctica as well as various jobs etc it  would run to hundreds of pages.

Daily routine, home and back again

Having been home a fortnight I settled into a daily routine until yesterday (but more of that later). In hospital routine is governed by medical needs – consultants rounds, regular “obs” etc.

At home it is the carers who set the routine coming in at 7am, late morning, late afternoon and between 9 and 10pm. They check my drainage bags (catheter, and nephrostomies), give me a wash and do anything else that is needed. Following a couple of sessions with the physiotherapist they have helped me get out of bed and into a chair. A District Nurse also visits in the morning for injections and a check up while the Ian Rennie Nurse also checks in regularly. Quite a cast supporting me.

That that doesn’t include Liz, family, friends and the dog. I am totally reliant on people putting things within reach. How can I repay them?

I mentioned the dog. For a couple of nights she tried to get into Liz’s room during the night then early Saturday morning she went into her room and got onto the bed to wake her up. Liz was not impressed (until later). When she got up she found I had rigor. This eased off but returned when the District Nurse arrived. Although I felt fine all the indicators said otherwise – high temperature etc. Clearly I needed antibiotics and preferably intravenously (which act faster).

So the Nurse called 999 and I was soon on the way back to the hospital. I had blood tests and the other usual checks and was put on IV antibiotics. I also had my catheter changed (ouch). From the muck that came out it seemed that this was the source of the infection. So yet another ward at SMH but hopefully a shorter one this time.

But the question I want the answer to is “Did the dog wake Liz because I was unwell?”