Should I worry about Black Friday?

I’ve been getting e-mails like “20% off EVERYTHING plus FREE delivery – we’re starting Black Friday early!” and “We’re counting down to Black Friday“. So Black Friday is coming – is it another day of doom? After all the Black Death in the late 1340’s was not a good time with more than half of Europe’s population dying. Continue reading “Should I worry about Black Friday?”


An enigmatic Facebook challenge (part 2)

A couple of days ago I talked about a challenge doing the rounds on Facebook and showed seven photographs which I had posted over seven days. The rules of this challenge were simple with a lot left unsaid:

Seven days, seven black and white photos of your life.
No humans. No explanation
Challenge someone every day

In Part 1 I said that I would share the thinking behind these photos or what/where they are.  If you don’t want to know the thinking etc. then stop reading now. Otherwise carry on. Continue reading “An enigmatic Facebook challenge (part 2)”

An enigmatic Facebook challenge (Part 1)

I usually ignore requests on Facebook to share a post and especially where it is a “pyramid scheme” where everyone has to recruit several other people. Sometimes they are badly written and irritating but at other times I thoroughly concur with the sentiments but just don’t want to copy and paste. “I know that most of my friends won’t re-post this . . .” is an opening that discourages me rather than encourages me. However the latest “pyramid scheme” is a bit different. It requires you to post seven photos over seven days. Where it came from and why is anybody’s guess. You could ask lots of questions but really it is just a bit of fun – don’t over-analyse. Under the “rules” someone new is challenged every day Continue reading “An enigmatic Facebook challenge (Part 1)”

I survived class 5

The topic which my granddaughter’s class is focusing on this half term is “Extreme earth” and they have been reading Meredith Hooper’s book “Ice trap!” about Shackleton’s Endurance expedition as well as finding out about Antarctica. I had given her a copy of my Furthest South book to take in and on Monday when I went to collect the girls from school I was asked by her class teacher if I would go in and talk to the class about Antarctica. Of course I agreed and 11am on Wednesday morning was the time set for me to do this. Continue reading “I survived class 5”

Blog to book or not to book?

Every so often I see an offer to turn my blog into a book. Should I try to do this? I like to have the printed word  in hard copy so that I can feel it in my hand. I often print out longer documents to read rather than trying to digest them on the screen. And of course you can make comments and add annotations or just add “Post-it” notes on key pages. If you’re not quite sure what you are looking for it is easier to flick through a book rather than try to use a search function when you don’t know what word to use. Continue reading “Blog to book or not to book?”

Do they really mean that (5) and platelets

I was reading a sentence on the BBC Website which started “At the time travel company First Bus . . .” and I though ‘wow, they’ve cracked it’. I was a bit disappointed when I carried on reading “At the time travel company First Bus said it faced “unprecedented delays” to services in North Somerset.” I think I needed to take a breath after ‘time’ rather than after ‘bus’! It was a report on how much delays are costing the UK and if there was any time travel it was only in one direction while sat in a jam on a motorway (where time ceases to exist anyway).

Meanwhile back in the world of needles being stuck in my arm I had a blood test last week Continue reading “Do they really mean that (5) and platelets”