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This Page is a quick guide to the posts I have published on Life in General. Effectively it is a contents list for anyone who wants to glance through the blog and find things of interest (rather than read through it like a book from first post to last post, or just read the most recent posts). Posts are listed under three headings (some posts will cover more than one topic and so will appear under more than one heading):

This page will be updated every time a new post on Life in General goes live.

Life in General

Am I being too cautious? Re-adjusting life for chemotherapy.

The joy of a fountain pen Handwritten diaries v wordprocessing.

Our neighbour shouted at me Fire in three thatched cottages. Immunity nadir.

Holding on to Little Dribbling Thanks Jo Gambi for explaining chemotherapy, Bill Bryson for a book title and stromatolites.

Why do wombats do cube shaped poos? Well do you?

Plain English – never heard of it! Misinterpreting a text and corporate doublespeak.

I once ran in the same race as Zola Budd Running (or walking) for charity.

The best laid plans . . . . Failing to avoid potential sources of infection.

From larks to in-boxes Out for a walk across the fields with the dog.

The world of work – a trip down memory lane How work has changed since I started fifty years ago with the dividing line between work and home horribly blurred.

The world of work – holidays and cold calls Who does your work when you’re not there

Missing cake and nearly familiar faces Can you have your cake and eat it? and When “How are you?” really means “Who are you?”

Woolly thinking and Wollongong Snails Clear thinking and good English go together, over-reliance on management -speak an indicator of woolly thinking.

Running and Cycling (not me I hasten to add) Other people running and cycling for fun and for charity.

Running and Cycling (update 1) £5,275 raised towards an all-terrain wheelchair for a boy at my granddaughters’ school.

Musings on the blogosphere – nothing to do with chemo or prostate cancer but on the parallel universe of ‘life goes on’.

More musings More misuse of English

In, Out and Shake it all about Confusion over the referendum – a complex problem is then reduced to a simple yes/no question

Numbers, numbers, numbers Friends on their way to the top of Scotland and some referendum (In or Out of the EU).

A casualty of war WW1 and death in Mesopotamia

Running and Cycling (Update 2) and a secret blog An update on the cycle ride from Land’s End to John O’Groats for Hearing Dogs and my other blog

Holding on . . . . Letting go. Some thoughts about the late Les Stocker of Tiggywinkles

Book exchange – a Literary pyramid Stirring up a bit of a hornets nest by pointing out the immorality of a post doing the rounds on Facebook.

1066 and all that A day trip to Wrexham for a Battle of Hastings re-enactment.

Feeling like Stig of the dump More subtleties of the English language.

You can stop but you can’t leave Even after you stop people will still talk to you about being a wildlife rescuer and injured wildlife will hunt you down.

A short break A holiday between the end of the school holidays and my next appointment with my oncologist

My sister and I have never spoken – a re-post of Victoria Scott’s post about her sister who has Rett syndrome.

Numbers 2 Do icebergs have barcodes?

ICE, paper and blood In Case of Emergency numbers, ‘Health’ apps and a newspaper columnist’s take on being referred for tests.

50 Not Out Computer failure, panic phone calls and words with two meanings

“Rule No. 25 – Why work at getting it right when you can let things drift and have a really big bust up?” A tale of ignored advice and missed opportunities.

Time is leaking out of my Laptop Where has it gone?

Young Voices Hair loss and a trip to the O2 to hear a 7,495 strong choir

Life in the 1950’s – a few memories

What’s in a name? Using a change of name as a smokescreen.

Thank goodness for the NHS – a reposting on the impact of the proposed repeal of “Obamacare” in the USA

Big data and little data – elections and platelets – the impact of “big data” on the recent US Presidential election and the UK’s EU referendum.

Wellington boots – dealing with leaks and a hairy milestone

To write, or to learn to write? – can we continue to learn?

Madness down under – Great Barrier Reef under threat amid financial shenanigans.

I didn’t realise gas was so heavy An insight into glass flame work

Times they were a-changing – The bi-annual ritual of changing the clocks

Do they really mean that? – Occasionally I will see a notice that amuses me.

Some musings on IT (I.T. not ‘it’) – Crashes, ransomeware and parking.

Steady as she volunteers – A bit about volunteering

It’s what Fathers are for – Fathers Day

Watch out for flashing bunny ears – marshalling a midnight walk

Spare a thought for the ‘spectators’ – the impact on those around me, where did July go?

Big brother is helping you – my writing language and style being taken over by MSWord.

How many paths must a man walk down?

How far is Norway? – the wrong length for an undersea cable

If only . . . – the march of technology / tragedy in America

Do they really mean that (5) and platelets – “At the time travel company First Bus . . .”

I don’t do reversing – one morning as a volunteer parking attendant

Blog to book or not to book – should I turn my blog into a book? Furthest South now available from Blurb

I survived class 5 – a talk to my granddaughter’s class.

An enigmatic Facebook challenge (part 1) & (part 2) – seven black and white photos

Should I worry about Black Friday? – is it as bad as it sounds, and Oxford’s castle quarter.

Thought for the day

Carpe Annum – 2017 slips into oblivion

No good deed goes unpunished – Being helpful.


Cakes and deliveries – old fashioned small business customer care and modern day corporate “Customer Care”

Upping the ante – a run in aid of Cancer Research (not me!)

Happy Easter – Easter bunny or Easter Bilby

Genesis of a book – How Furthest South came to life

Upping the ante (2) – 150 days to go – Update on progress

It makes a change – Fathers day, life in Sunderland during the war and an Upping the ante update.

Pink teeshirts are best – the annual Florence Nightingale Hospice walk.

Do you remember . . . – the perils of social media, recent talks and Upping the ante update.

My three-legged stool 18 months on – Fronted Adverbials

Two weeks to go – Toni and Carol raising money for Cancer Research UK

They’ve been and gone and done it – Toni and Carol complete the Great South Run and raise nearly £1,200 for Cancer Research UK.

Send for a plumber  – 100th anniversary of the armistice.

The perils of the internet and e-mail – scams and things

Misunderstandings – dogs and TWOCs

Sky-boshed & other sillinesses – getting sense out of a real person