Post listing – Prostate cancer, Chemotherapy & Urology

This Page is a quick guide to the posts I have published on Prostate Cancer,  Chemotherapy & Urology. Effectively it is a contents list for anyone who wants to glance through the blog and find things of interest (rather than read through it like a book from first post to last post, or just read the most recent posts). Posts are listed under three headings (some posts will cover more than one topic and so will appear under more than one heading):

This page will be updated every time a new post on Prostate Cancer, Chemotherapy or Urology goes live.

Prostate Cancer, Chemotherapy & Urology

Hang on, let’s just step back a bit. Raised PSA, tests, diagnosis, prognosis and getting ready for chemotherapy. Joining the STAMPEDE trial.

Three days, three needles CT scan, blood test and first chemotherapy session.

Did I take my pills? Getting used to a new routine.

Am I being too cautious? Potential side-effects of chemo.

And another thing World health day (bet you didn’t know there was one)

Beetroot is not my colour Raised temperature, a dash to A&E and intravenous antibiotics.

Another day another needle Follow up blood test after being released from A&E.

Why do wombats do cube shaped poos? The recovery of the neutrophils

So you want to know what my chemo session is like? A description of chemo 2

“You don’t feel your usual peachy self” How you feel when on chemotherapy – not ill but . . . . Who should I tell?

The best laid plans . . . . Failing to avoid potential sources of infection.

From larks to in-boxes Discovering others who have/had Prostate Cancer when out on a walk

“Everybody dies. But not everybody lives.”

Three down, three to go Halfway point in my chemo and numbers (PSA, neutrophils) looking encouraging.

Woolly thinking and Wollongong Snails A new class of molecules adapted from the white rock sea snail could help fight off cancer cells.

Steady as she goes Platelets, haemoglobin and white blood cells the highest for years, PSA and neutrophils looking good.

In, Out and Shake it all about Tomorrow is chemo 5 (and a referendum)

Numbers, numbers, numbers My latest numbers which I got at chemo 5

Wobbly legged and listless Life with chemotherapy – “You look so well, you can’t be ill.”

Countdown – three weeks to normality? Reflections after final chemo session.

Mr Grumpyface Scratched by a cat

If you don’t look in the mirror have you lost any hair? Perceptions and reality of hair loss.

Numbers How our lives are ruled by numbers

Numbers 2 Platelet levels and other numbers

What if . . . ? Finding a suitable Medic-Alert bracelet and Plan B for immune thrombocytopenia (ITP)

ICE, paper and blood Another ‘blood draw’ aka blood test.

50 Not Out Comparing the prostate cancer diagnosis with ITP diagnosis

You look well Differing perceptions and how I was thrown when people added ‘better than when I last saw you’.

Testosterone fast and feast is bats Latest results and a novel approach.

Getting blood out of a stone? My adventures with a blood glucose monitor.

Farewell 2016 Brief reflections

Platelet mysteries My latest platelet numbers (and a Radio 4 discussion on prostate cancer).

MRI a better route to identify PC Links to a couple of recent breakthroughs

Big data and little data – elections and platelets – the latest platelet figures.

Flushes, Antigens and Platelets – hot flushes and progress on the PSA front.

My three legged stool – glycated haemoglobin level returning to normal

Fine tuning the PSA sledgehammer – a report on new tests being developed.

Trip to pup – encouraging results from Zytiga trials. #LifeWithCancer

Steady as she volunteers – Latest PSA figure.

Please vote for CCHF – an opportunity to get a bigger slice of a charity cake for CCHU

Spare a thought for the ‘spectators’ – 18 months from diagnosis confirmation

It’s that nervous time of year again – Latest results – PSA drifting upwards. No panic.

I don’t do reversing – annual diabetes review

Is it a blip or a trend (2)? – PSA on the rise.

Blip – need for better tests and awareness. PSA back on track.

Faster diagnosis? New ways of diagnosing prostate cancer and Caroline Wyatt’s MS saga.

Better diagnosis? Developments in ultrasound.

Is there a trend? Latest PSA figures – difficult to explain

My three-legged stool 18 months on – PSA creeping up

Send for a plumber – prostate induced urology problems

Where did I go yesterday?  –  Urology consultation

Misunderstandings – dogs and TWOCs

Two weeks to go (and dogs) – Pre-Op Assessments and dogs detecting prostate cancer

TURP-en-time –  preparing for TURP, epidural

Good to go – into the Operating Theatre

Post-TURP, not out of the woods yet – post-op and eventual discharge

Another visit to A&E – acute right flank pain means a return to Urology via A&E

Urology to oncology– more scans, TWOCs and then over to oncology

Mildly Radioactive (Again) – bone scan