Countdown – three weeks to normality?

Last Thursday was my sixth (of six) chemo session. So the last three week cycle of  my neutrophils and white blood cells running for cover, bottoming out between seven and ten days later before starting to recover so that I am fit enough to be zapped again. This time though no more zapping. Actually zapping is the wrong word, more appropriate for radiotherapy than for chemotherapy, but I will stick with it for now. Continue reading “Countdown – three weeks to normality?”

So you want to know what my chemo session is like?

Three weeks on from my first chemo session and it’s time for Round 2. Visiting a hospital is a bit like being on the tube in London – you are surrounded by people who don’t talk but you can study them and try to guess what they are doing. Going in to Wycombe Hospital the first impression is “Oh dear, these people look ill”. Going in to the CCHU at SMH (sorry Cancer Care and Haematology Unit at Stoke Mandeville Hospital – home of the Paralympics) the impression is a little different – you know that everyone is a cancer patient or their partner or friend, but you have no idea  what form of cancer or what their prognosis is. Initially I assumed that every male had prostate cancer but soon got over that misconception. Continue reading “So you want to know what my chemo session is like?”

Three days, three needles

The needle-phobic members of my family can look away now (you know who you are). On Monday I had a ‘phone call – can you come to Wycombe for a CT Scan on Thursday? Well I start chemo on Thursday so it might be a bit tricky is my reply. Oh, well we can fit you in at 5.15 tomorrow. So the next day it was granddaughters in the morning, dog to the vets for her annual check-up then me for a CT scan (mustn’t get these mixed up). Continue reading “Three days, three needles”