Wobbly legged and listless

Wobbly legged and listless – I am sure it was a hit in the 1970’s

 Wobbly legged and listless

I’ve gone and done it again

Wobbly legged and listless

My blood is full of my chemo

Chemo, I can’t get free from these veins

Oh, oh-oh

 Well maybe not (sorry Andy Fairweather-Low). I saw my Oncology Consultant today and everything seems to heading in the right direction. The next consultation is in October just before my birthday – gosh doesn’t time fly. Only ten days to chemo 6 – my last session. Continue reading “Wobbly legged and listless”

Missing cake and nearly familiar faces

Can you have your cake and eat it?

The other night Liz gave me a slice of cake and I took a bite. When I went to take a second bite I couldn’t find it. This troubled me – had I finished it without noticing? Had I imagined her giving me a slice of cake? I wasn’t going to get too excited about the missing or imaginary cake, but it was strange. Next day I went to the cake tin and found a slice of cake with a bite taken out of it. Mystery solved – I thought I might have dozed for a second or two between taking a bite and looking to take a second one in a cake that wasn’t there but it was a serious doze and Liz had taken the cake into safekeeping. Continue reading “Missing cake and nearly familiar faces”

Did I take my pills?

I remember a few years ago when I was visiting a cousin in Canada that he had a routine every mealtime of placing a selection of pills on the table beside him. I now understand why. The day before my chemo started we were just heading out of the door for the meeting with the trial nurse and I remembered that I hadn’t started my course of steroids. Dashed back inside, made a marmite sandwich and took my pills. Oops. Continue reading “Did I take my pills?”