Holding on to Little Dribbling

There is a haze of bluebells in the woods – just starting to burst forth but it will be a week or two before we see them in their full glory – and hopefully I have got a week off from needles etc. so I thought I would talk about something else. I have mentioned a couple of books in this blog so I decided to tell you a bit about them. One was by Bill Bryson who is one of my favourite authors and the other by Jo Gambi. Continue reading “Holding on to Little Dribbling”

Another day, another needle

After the exploits of the weekend I was rung by a nurse from CCHU on Monday morning to check how I was doing. I had an appointment there with my consultant that afternoon and when I arrived I was ushered straight into an office where my pulse, blood pressure and temperature were taken. Continue reading “Another day, another needle”

Beetroot is not my colour

I had thought I was doing so well until my temperature hurdled the threshold for contacting the hospital. I have a little red book which gives a list of things to look out for with strict instructions to contact the Cancer Care and Haematology Unit (or the Cancer Ward at the Churchill  if outside “office hours”) should my temperature go over 37.5 degrees (or below 36 degrees). Mine was 38.8 degrees and my face was impersonating a beetroot. Continue reading “Beetroot is not my colour”

Am I being too cautious?

On Monday afternoon I should have been giving a talk to Abingdon U3A. I had revised my Furthest South talk to cover not only the Heroic Age of Antarctic exploration but also more recent expeditions and tourism using images from our 2006 trip. I was ready to go but hadn’t run through this latest version to ensure that it didn’t go on too long. So a little more preparation and refinement was needed, but nothing too serious. However I had contacted them as soon as I knew I was going in for chemo to postpone the talk. Continue reading “Am I being too cautious?”

Three days, three needles

The needle-phobic members of my family can look away now (you know who you are). On Monday I had a ‘phone call – can you come to Wycombe for a CT Scan on Thursday? Well I start chemo on Thursday so it might be a bit tricky is my reply. Oh, well we can fit you in at 5.15 tomorrow. So the next day it was granddaughters in the morning, dog to the vets for her annual check-up then me for a CT scan (mustn’t get these mixed up). Continue reading “Three days, three needles”

Hang on, let’s just step back a bit.

What has been going on – well life as normal except that, as it was later described, I had a few months history of lower urinary tract symptoms (i.e. I had found I had an issue peeing especially first thing in the morning). Liz must have been prescient when she bought me Bill Bryson’s latest book for Christmas. Continue reading “Hang on, let’s just step back a bit.”

Well here goes

Start a blog Liz said, so I have. Not sure how it will progress, I may put it with my collection of Newsletter Number 1’s which never progressed to Newsletter Number 2’s, in which case this will be my first and last post, or I may continue for the next 15 weeks and beyond.

Why am I doing this? Well yesterday I had my first Chemotherapy session. Up until then it had all been a bit surreal – I felt fine but I was going through loads of tests which told me I had a problem – prostate cancer. So I thought I would share my journey. Hopefully it will be interesting and amusing and not all doom and gloom. You don’t have to read it – but I hope I will enjoy writing it (it makes a change from writing meeting minutes!).

Next post: Hang on, let’s just step back a bit.