Sky-boshed & other sillinesses

Now I have got round to this post. For some time we have had separate accounts for our broadband and TV. This was because my broadband provider had been taken over by Sky. Now this meant that we could save money by having a single account. In January there was a deal on which meant an even better package including both our phone line and upgrading to SkyQ. Continue reading “Sky-boshed & other sillinesses”

Cakes and deliveries

The other day we visited a cake shop. Not the sort of shop where you buy cakes but one where you buy anything and everything to decorate your cakes (you have to buy the ingredients for the cake itself elsewhere). It was a delight. It has been going for 30 years but when you step inside the door it could have been unchanged (except for the credit card reader) for half a century or more. Continue reading “Cakes and deliveries”