Wellington boots

I keep a pair of wellies by the front door to slip on when I take the dog out. Unfortunately after a year or so they crack at some point where the rubber has been flexed too much so they start to leak. Not good for walking across dew soaked grass or through muddy puddles. So I have to replace them. However the last time this happened I kept the old pair in the garage (there is space to do this sort of thing now, following last year’s tidy up). Continue reading “Wellington boots”

Young Voices

I don’t expect to have much, if anything, to report on the PC/ITP/DB front for a while – my next blood test isn’t until the middle of next month – so my next few posts will focus on Life in General. But before we go there I would mention that the other day I saw something that others had seen months ago – how my appearance had changed following chemotherapy. I had looked at myself in the mirror and had noticed that my beard (and hair) had thinned out, but to me it was still visible. However if I was viewed from 10 foot away rather than 1 foot away, as it is when looking in the mirror, then my appearance was very different with me looking as if I was clean-shaven. I only realised this when I was looking at some photographs taken during our holiday in September! No wonder comments were made about my appearance. Continue reading “Young Voices”

If you don’t look in the mirror have you lost any hair?

One of the well-known side effects of chemotherapy is hair loss. Of course it is different for each person (and each drug) but in anticipation I had my hair cut short and trimmed my beard. I also ensured that I had suitable headgear in case the loss of hair created a cold spot on my head (a relative even offered to knit me a balaclava). Continue reading “If you don’t look in the mirror have you lost any hair?”