Countdown – three weeks to normality?

Last Thursday was my sixth (of six) chemo session. So the last three week cycle of  my neutrophils and white blood cells running for cover, bottoming out between seven and ten days later before starting to recover so that I am fit enough to be zapped again. This time though no more zapping. Actually zapping is the wrong word, more appropriate for radiotherapy than for chemotherapy, but I will stick with it for now. Continue reading “Countdown – three weeks to normality?”

Musings on the blogosphere

Musings on the blogosphere

Before I started this blog I knew little about blogging. I had followed a couple of travel blogs from friends and occasionally  had picked up a blog from a link in Facebook or elsewhere, but otherwise I tended to avoid blogs. Now I find I am following several!  My own writings had often had fairly controlled readership (even to the extent of being limited to named individuals in some cases) unlike blogs where you have no idea who might read them. The closest I had come to uncontrolled readership was posting photographs on Flickr where I have received comments and ‘likes/faves’ from friends and strangers alike. Continue reading “Musings on the blogosphere”

“You don’t feel your usual peachy self”

That is how my sister-in-law described being on chemotherapy – not ill but not your usual peachy self. She had a different regime to me with weekly doses then a gap and then the same cycle again (more a Matterhorn than my Ben Nevis to use my earlier analogy). At one time there was just a pretty standard dose for all cancers but now it is fine-tuned to the cancer, where it’s at and to the patient. The dose is calculated on the individual’s surface area (estimated from height and weight)! Continue reading ““You don’t feel your usual peachy self””

Holding on to Little Dribbling

There is a haze of bluebells in the woods – just starting to burst forth but it will be a week or two before we see them in their full glory – and hopefully I have got a week off from needles etc. so I thought I would talk about something else. I have mentioned a couple of books in this blog so I decided to tell you a bit about them. One was by Bill Bryson who is one of my favourite authors and the other by Jo Gambi. Continue reading “Holding on to Little Dribbling”